Monday, 3 October 2011

Smoked Salmon with Capers Pizza

Homemade pizza has become a regular for me on a Friday. It is quick, light and tasty and very easy to prepare after a long week.  All you need is a few ingredients, on a pizza base, you can either make the base or like me, buy one from the supermarket, which is cheap and easy. I love making my own dough, it is fun and fresh but also time consuming, especially on a Friday after a hard week. The great thing about homemade pizza is you can use any topping you like. I find 2-3 good quality toppings is the key.
My personal favourite is Smoked salmon with capers, which is delicious and healthy. I add some red onion, pepper and coriander. Why would you pay for take-away pizza?

Ingredients (serves 2)
200g Smoked Salmon (get local produce)
3 tsp of baby capers
250g Tasty Cheese grated
5 Tbsp tomato puree
1 large thin bread pizza base
½ sliced red onion
¼ sliced red capsicum
Fresh dill
One handful of Fresh Coriander or baby Rocket (as your choice)
1/2 Lemon wedge
2 tsp of extra virgin olive oil
Salt & black paper

1.       Preheat oven to 180 degree.
2.       Slice red onion, red capsicum & fresh dill to your liking
3.       Place the pizza base on pizza tray or stone and spread tomato puree on it evenly using spoon.
4.       Place grated cheese, onion, capsicum and smoked salmon evenly on top. And then   spread drained capers and chopped dill.
5.       Place into oven and cook for about 10-12 mins.
6.       Add some more cheese and grill about 3 mins.
7.       Drizzle with a little olive oil and scatter with fresh coriander or rocket.
8.        Serve with a lemon wedge.