Sunday, 1 April 2012

Salmon asparagus cold buckwheat noodle soup

Have you tried  icy cold noodle soup? It sounds weird to you but this is one of popular dishes in Summer Korea and one of my favorite Korean dishes. It is called 'naengmyeon ' which means Cold noodle in Korean. One day, after my regular seafood shopping in Queens Victoria Market, this recipe came up with ideas of my desire of cold drink and fresh salmon. I was so thirsty and sweating after cycling to the market. Cold noodle soup was perfect for satisfying my urgency. I added blanched asparagus and fresh pea shoots which create crunch texture. The dish almost looks like cold noodle soup salad(?). I love that it is so light and refreshing taste.  Taste ? It is clean beef soup with nutty asparagus. In fact, it is totally different from original Korean Cold noodle soup(naengmyeon) except cold noodle concept but I think it is very simple and nice combination. You will be surprised.
If you have one of hot day, try this. You can satisfy your thirsty by icy cold soup and hunger by fresh crunch salmon salad.

Prep time            20 mins
Cook time           15 mins
Serves                 2

100g of fresh salmon fillet (or soft boiled eggs)
1 bunch of asparagus
1 small handful of pea shoots
2 cups of beef stock
Buckwheat noodle
Korean mustard sauce for spicy

1. Blanch asparagus and wash in cold water. set a side
2. Cook buckwheat noodle for 3 mins in boiling water.  quickly wash in cold water and drain it out.
3. slice fresh salmon fillet into cube ( alternatively, you can use soft boiled eggs and cut it half)
4. place buckwheat noodle in a bowl and place asparagus, pea shoots & fresh salmon nicely. Pour naengmyeon beef stock in the bowl. ( you can get naegmyeon beef stock or vegetable stock in Korean grocery store or you can use own your own)
5. Serve with Korean mustard or wasabi if you like spicy

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