Thursday, 7 June 2012

Perfect snacks for Saturday afternoons

Home-made frozen dumplings, some cheese and dry meat are very handy for quick snacks on lazy weekends. It is delightful emergency food. We should do have them in our fridge all the time.

One Saturday afternoon at 3pm, Sean’s friend came over to our house to catch up. We got a bit hungry after a while but dinner time is quite not yet. I looked for something that I can make as a quick bite for three hungry people. I found some salami, chorizo and some half blocks of haloumi cheese in the fridge and also fully ripe pear in the fruit basket. I peeled the pear, cut the cheese, grilled salami, chorizo and haloumi cheese and place them all on the board. It didn’t take long to get food on the table and they become delightful snacks!

I found more. I cooked my home-made frozen dumplings. Nowadays I am so enthusiastic about making them. Not only 30 dumplings, last time I made 120 dumplings of three different flavours: vegetable, kimchi and pork. It took a day to make them. But when it come lazy day like this, they are super handy food. I normally fry them one side for 2 minutes and steam with chicken stock, covered by lid until all liquid is evaporated. I serve with soy sauce, lemon juice and toasted sesame seeds dipping sauce.

I wonder what other emergency food there are. Korean style spring onion pancakes and kimchi pancakes are other possibilities. All ingredients are always available in my pantry and fridge. Spring rolls and a quick pizza could be other ones as well.

This is my next task, making those quick emergency foods. And I will put them on my emergency food list.

Bye for now.

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