Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Farm visit - Tamsin's Table

In March 2013, A year after our last visit, Sean and I revisited along with some close friends The Eye and Leaf farm owned and run by Tamsin. Since then, Tamsin has re-branded her farm cooking events as Tamsin's Table. She runs the Kitchen Harvest, Sunday Table and occasional special guest cooking events. (

We arrived at Tamsin's farm, Poowong East at around 10 am where we were welcomed by homemade lemon almond cake, freshly brewed tea and coffee.

We were given a shopping list for what vegetables we needed from the garden and a recipe leaflet on how to cook the dishes (see blackboard above). Two of the vegetables on the list, Zucchini and french peas were so sweet and tender that there was no need to cook, these were just simple added to the dishes and eaten raw.

Ready for garden picking

Tamsin picking fresh peas.

Tamsin feeding a one week old lamb as it mother has not taken to it yet.

When we came back from the garden, we teamed up into groups of 3. Each group was in charge of one of the courses on the menu. Sean and I chose to make eggplant & tomato ragu. Basically we made everything from scratch - little ear pasta(Orrechiette), basil pesto, pork fennel sausages & milk pudding.

Ervan and Mark making flour dough for Orrechiette.

Naomi slicing zucchini for starter menu.

Sean preparing eggplants to slice and salt for dehydration before grille.

Everybody focusing on own task. busy kitchen!

Sliced heirloom tomatoes before baking. 
I couldn't stop eat them, because fresh themselves are so sweet and delicious.
Tomato & Eggplants ragu after cooking in the oven, but not finished yet.

Tina making milk putting.

Ervan and Mark shaping little ear shapes for Orrechiette pasta

Glorious Orrechiette pasta is done!

Tea time in between busy cooking

Sean cleaning sausage case in vinegar water. Everybody had the chance of hands-on.

Tamsin demonstrated how to shape sausage.

Final sausage. 

One completed sausage was cooked slowly in pan. It was the first time making sausages for everyone.

Tamsin set up a table for the final feast.

Orrechiette fresh pea zucchini with pesto for starter

My favorite was great collection of leafy flowery salad pick straight from the garden. I wish I can have it at home everyday.

    Pork and fennel sausage with tomato eggplant ragu for main

Ragu was juicy and pack full of flavour. I thought it would be fabulous with pasta. (no meat option)

Milk pudding with rurbarb & rose gernaium

   Young Calf with its mother

Very happy pig getting a pamper

Mark, Naomi, Ervan & Cho

Tina & Tanya

Sean and me

I had a wonderful time at the farm visit. I loved picking up fresh ingredients from garden, cooking from scratch, having fun & sharing meals with friends, watching happy animals running around. I absolutely love Tamsin's courage and passion living her life the way she believes.

Thanks my dear friends & Tamsin for the wonderful day.

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