Angie's Cooking School

Organic dumpling class at your kitchen.

This format is custom style for your special occasions ( hans party & birthday) 6-10 people size of group. Angela will bring all fresh ingredients and dumpling cooking gears. Share the fun of making healthy dumplings with your love family & friends.

Why did I start this?
Asian style dumplings are readily available from most Asian shops and restaurants, but do we actually know what is inside? Angela started making her own dumplings because of this concern and found that using the best quality ingredients; local, organic and free range, made far healthier, tastier and enjoyable dumplings. 

What are you getting?
This class provides basic dumpling making skills and recipes from traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean sources. 
During this class you will learn to make your own organic dumpling wrappers, free range pork and seasonal vegetable fillings, a dumpling soup and finish with a sweet sesame rice dumpling.

Format: Custom hands on or Demonstration / tasting
Cost: $90 ~$120

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